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Angel Flight Puerto Rico

I am a volunteer pilot out of Miami/Ft Myers. I am preparing a flight (and maybe multiples) to and from Puerto Rico through an organization called "Mercy Flight". (Angel Flights) An all volunteer organization, all expense is out of pocket for us. From fuel landing fees etc... First flight Sunday Oct 1sth 2017 until Oct 6th We hope to deliver small amounts of supplies more directly and in a more timely manner to the folks in need.

   I also plans to fly patients in desperate need back from the Island to get medical care. I am on the advance team to put together a ground operation to make future flights run smoother for our organization and future flights Summary: Utilize small aircraft to make short missions bringing generators, water and food from San Juan to outer areas and sick people to hospitals with power.


 6 plane fleet (Need to find 6 able volunteer pilots and planes)

 3-4 day mission  Used generators from Florida down to PR

 Pick up supplies, drop off pax  TJIG San Juan Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci (Isla Grande)  Pick up pax, drop off supplies  TJMZ Eugenio Maria De Hostos (Aguadilla)  TJPS Mercedita (Ponce)  X63 Herenegildo Ortiz Quinones (Humacao)

Any Donation is for Fuel cost and other landing fees! Yes they will still charge us fees!

Pay Pal is secure and save! It will also be available immediately rather that waiting for gofundme! Either way you feel more comfortable is fine!

Thank you so much!

You can Donate on my GoFund me account here